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Are you ready to learn everything there is to know about Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies?


What Is The Bitcoin Cash Learning Center All About?

The Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Learning Center is a offline (after COVID) and online school that teaches cryptocurrency from a practical perspective so that every Reddeerian can arm themselves with the knowledge needed to cope with a rapidly changing financial world.

The following subjects are taught at the Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Learning Center.

  • full control
    How to have full control over your own crypto, by using a cold wallet/hot wallet system.
  • bulb
    How to create your own tokens, so you can create your own financial products.
  • rekt
    What is trading all about? How do I trade cryptocurrency?
  • rekt
    How does cryptocurrency work?
  • rekt
    What does the invention of cryptocurrency mean for the world?


  • Bitcoin was invented so you could be in control, but how?

  • You would not walk on the street with 20 000 dollars in your wallet, so why would you have 20 000 dollars worth of Bitcoin Cash on your phone?

  • Let's try out some cryptocurrency and figure out which ones are bullshit

  • How do you trade ethical and sustainable, without creating victims and misery?

  • Has the invention of Ethereum been predicted in the book of Revelation?

Next Class

In English

How to build your own hot wallet/cold wallet system.

Every Tuesday, from 18:30 to 19:15 CMT

  • 15-06-21
  • 22-06-21
  • 29-06-21

In Dutch

Hoe kun je volledige controle over je crypto hebben door een hot/cold wallet systeem.

Iedere Zaterdag, van 18 tot 18:45 CET

  • 12-06-21
  • 19-06-21
  • 26-06-21


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes.

  • They will have to adapt.

  • Probably not, which is why they should take classes in the Bitcoin Cash Cryptocurrency Learning Centre.

  • No, but challenges for the Canadian dollar are coming and the only way to fight back is to have proper knowledge.

  • That is correct, my focus in Red Deer is on immigrants and refugees, as long as my centre in Calagary generates me a bit of money I can keep the one in Red Deer free.

  • This is not up to us, it will depend on what COVID does and one the current rules and regulations around COVID in Red Deer and Central Alberta.

  • I am a 36 year old street musician who got bitten by the Bitcoin Cash virus in July 2011. My name is Matthias Bos also known as Kain_niaK.

  • Because out of a 100 people with knowledge about cryptocurrency, 99 have decided they will keep this knowledge to themselves so they are in a better position to take advantage of you. I think this is a self defeating strategy and I will not play this game. I am all about collectively profiting, symbiosis. Not being parasitic.

  • Absolutely.

  • Absolutely.

  • Have you ever bought a car without going for a test ride? What if there is no engine in the car? How would you even know without testing it? Buying any crypto without having knowledge is a very foolish thing to do. Please come to our learning centre for a test ride first. Then the decision is fully up to you and you will be able to rationally decide this anwser for yourself without getting influence by people just trying to shill you their bags. (this mean they want to sell you something worthless so they can steal all your money).


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